How I Chose the Name for My Product.

Christopher on May 28th 2018

How did I come up with URscent’s name?

First things first, URscent is pronounced as “your scent”.I wanted the name of my customizable air freshener to inspire a feeling of personalization. Originally I called it Uscent, but I didn’t quite have a strong enough ring to it. I felt as if it was just okay and it was missing something. So I asked my best friend for his opinion of the name and he suggested for me to add the “R”. And of course, grammatically, “Your Scent” makes much more sense than “You Scent” and it also flows much better off the tongue.

So I had my catchy name. I told a few people about it and received positive praise about it, for the most part. Some people mistook the pronunciation for the name to be read as U-R Scent.This inspired me to rethink the name a little bit. I really loved the name URscent, but I had to work around this minor problem. I was inspired to make the UR within the name to be an abbreviation for something, in addition to also meaning “your”.UR needed to inspire the customization for my personalized air freshener.Deciding what U should represent was fairly easy to figure out. Considering URscent allows you the freedom to use your own choice of fragrance for your vehicle’s vent clip, U had to represent the word “Unique”.

Deciding what the R was going to be took a little effort. I needed a word that started with the letter R and was relatable to a customizable fragrance. I googled adjectives starting with the letter R. I found a thesaurus webpage with a long list. After scrolling through said list for a while and not really finding anything, I found the word, “rousing”.According to, rousing is defined as exciting, or stirring; it was the perfect adjective. My vision for URscent has always been to inspire feelings of awe. Imagine your passengers asking about the fragrances in your car because they’ve never experienced a car air freshener quite like yours! Unique and rousing were very suiting words.

URscent not only stood for your scent, it also meant Uniquely Rousing. I was pretty excited to share the name, with those close to me.As you’re reading this, you’ve probably thought to yourself the word rousing sounds awfully similar to the word arousing (no need to define the meaning for this one). Well, a lot of other people whom I shared the name with thought the same. So rather than going down the road of constantly explaining the differences between the words and risk selling opportunities, due to the confusion, I decided to replace rousing with another word. For this, I chose to visit a different thesaurus webpage and I immediately found the word “refreshing”.My problem was solved; refreshing is just as well suited as rousing, but without the likely mistaken innuendo. This time, I really had the perfect name for my customizable car air freshener.

URscent- - Uniquely Refreshing Scent

So now you know the meaning behind and how I came up with the name for URscent. Thank you for reading and please come back for more posts!