The Inspiration

Christopher on May 20th 2018

Hello everyone! I’m Christopher and I’m the inventor of URscent! This is my very first blog posting for Here on this blog page, you can find news, and fun tips and tricks about this exciting new product! For my first post I’d like to talk a little about my inspiration for creating URscent.

Growing up, I’ve always had the mindset of an inventor-- ever since I watched an episode of The Flintstones, with a character who was watching television on his wristwatch. I must have been around 7 years old and I remember myself feeling inspired by the imagination and sheer innovation of watching television on your watch. It was at that exact moment when I told myself I will be an inventor and come up with something revolutionary. From the young age of 7 to now, I must have invented countless products, but the URscent is the first product which inspired me to take a big risk and bring it to market.

URscent is no ordinary car vent clip! URscent’s patent pending design allows you the freedom to choose what fragrance you want in your car and spray it!

The idea of URscent came to me when I was shopping for an air freshener in a store. I wasn’t really in the mood for any of the options available. I thought to myself, it would be really convenient if I could select my own scents from existing scented oils and Fragrances. I was looking for a customizable air freshener.

URscent began only as a customizable vent clip; at the time there was nothing on the market like it. The ability to use cologne, essential oils, and scented oils as the fragrance for my vehicle interior was pretty exciting. During the design process for my prototype, I felt like I should take the features of URscent even further, in order to make it truly unique. So I took a few days and thought of several improvements, spanning from the appearance, to the ease of use. I eventually imagined including a spray feature and it was then when I knew I had something really special.

URscent’s built in spray feature allows you to boost the strength of fragrance in your vehicle interior by spraying it into the air. Current customizable air freshener dispensers for cars lack this ability; this feature really opens up many possibilities for URscent’s use!

Thank you, for taking the time to read my first blog posting! I look forward to writing more and sharing my journey as an inventor and entrepreneur. Please come visit us again for updates and more stories about URscent!