What makes the spraying feature truly special?

Christopher on Jun 24th 2018

Hot sauce in your bag swag is nice. But one day it’s all going to be about URscent in your bag swag! No, really. Hello everyone! For today’s blog topic, I will be expanding on what makes URscent so special. Customizable air fresheners, or air freshener dispensing units, allows the user to further express their personalities, as well as enable their freedom of creativity and individualism.You want to use your favorite perfume as your choice of fragrance? Do it! Have a favorite blend of essential oils? Use it! Want to use your choice of scented/fragrant oils? Go for it! You can also simply use the prepackaged fragrance options! The possibilities are almost endless! URscent is all about being unique and refreshing! Now with that said, what sets URscent apart from other current refillable air fresheners? Thanks to URscent’s unique and patent pending design, users not only have the ability to customize their choice of fragrance for their car, but they can also spray that fragrance! URscent’s unique spray-feature opens up many possibilities for the usefulness of this exciting new product.

Let’s be honest, we’re all human, right? We all use the bathroom, right?So we should all be able to agree we’ve all experience those s occasions when we’ve had to relive ourselves of gas in the car. Ordinarily, what do you do to clear the air—open a window, right? Or maybe you’re one of those people with an entire aerosol can of air freshener beside you, for such occasions. But for the rest of us, opening a window was our only option. Relying on the ordinary vent clips will not suffice; they won’t work fast enough to rid the car of any unpleasant odors. I recall a few years ago, back when URscent was just a dream of mine, before I took the leap of faith and pursued this venture, I was in my car patiently waiting for my date to come out of the house. And I had the urge to relieve myself. I’d had already been waiting for 15-20mins, so I figured she’d may be a while longer-- I had time for everything to air out. Or so I thought. The time of year was winter, so naturally, I opened my window, briefly, to keep the warmth of the car from escaping. Another five minutes or so passed and my date was finally ready to enter my car. But to me AND her unfortunate surprise, my car still reeked. I was expecting to see an expression on her face of excitement to see me, but I was greeted with shock and disgust. We ended up laughing about it and having a good time, despite that, but of course, I’d preferred if it never happened.If I had URscent at that time, I would have quickly sprayed the fragrance in the air after reliving my flatulence.

This next example is to highlight the mobility of URscent. Yes, essentially, URscent is a customizable vent clip for cars. Typically the fragrance delivery for vent clips rely on them being exposed to hot or cool air, when clipped to vents.Considering URscent has the ability to spray its contained fragrances, users don’t have to limit themselves to only using this revolutionary product in their cars. I personally take URscent everywhere with me!Think about it; we’ve all entered rooms with unpleasant odors, or relieved ourselves in the restroom and left an unpleasant odor.For some reason, people consider it taboo to—dare I say it—go number 2, in a public bathroom, or in someone’s house you’re not too familiar or comfortable with.Again, unless you’re one of those people with a trusty aerosol can of air freshener by their side, URscent can be very useful, for such occasions.I like to consider URscent not only has a vent clip, but as a mobile or portable air freshener. A life freshener, if you will!Carry URscent with you at all times and allow it to help you use the facilities/relive yourself, with some peace of mind, knowing you have an air freshener with you.

Going back to one of my main inspirations for creating this exciting new product—it” the ability to use cologne or perfume as your choice of fragrance.Considering what fragrance you select, I warn that URscent should never be used to spray on your skin and surface because some oils can be volatile. However, if you choose to fill up your URscent air freshener dispensing unit with something that’s proven to be safe for topical applications to skin, and other surfaces, then by all means do it!Imagined myself filling URscent with my favorite cologne and carrying it with me for the occasions when the cologne I’ve sprayed on me wore off, or those times when I’d like to share my cologne with my passenger, but my cologne bottle is not with me.

Thank you again, for taking the time for to read my Blog.These were just a few ideas for some of the uses of URscent. If you can think of any more, please fill free to comment or email us and I’ll gladly share it!Thank you and have a Uniquely Refreshing day!